How to use label in Gmail to organize your Inbox

Label in Gmail is a helpful tool that help you classify your messages. But different from other tools as: folder, importance markers, or stars, you can add more than one label for one message. Messages with the same labels can be reached by click the label name in the left menu.

How to show/hide and add new lables

In fact, your Inbox and Sent box are lables, they are system lables. And you can add more your own labels to better manage your Inbox. And you can also choose what labels to show and what lables to hide follow our instructions: 

  1. Sign in to Gmail
  2. After signing in, click click the gear Settings button in the top right, select Settings
    gmail settings

  3. Select "Label" tab.
    gmail lables
  4. You can choose show or hide the label in the list by click on the link. Your change is saved automatically.
  5. To create new labels, scroll down a bit, there is a "Create new label" button. Click it.
    create new label
  6. Enter your label, you can nest label also, by tick on "Nest label under:" box and select a parent. Then click "Create" and Done! 
    enter label

How to edit or remove a label

  1. Go to the "Labels" tab in Gmail Settings as step 1,2,3 above. 
  2. Sroll down, there is a list of your added labels.
  3. Choose lables and actions (edit/remove) as you want.
  4. Note: When you remove a label, messages with that label won't be removed. So don't worry about losing your emails.

How to change label color in the display list

  1. Your lables will be displayed in the left menu of your Gmail Inbox.
    gmail labels list
  2. Hover on your label, there is drop down icon on the right of label, click on it, select "Label color", you can choose your color in the list or add custom color there.
  3. You can also choose to show/hide or edit/remove labels there.