10+ Gmail Tips & Tricks To Make You A "Gmail Ninja"

Here is the ultimate list of over 10 Gmail tips and tricks to enhance your Google Mail experience:

1. Change Display Density Comfortable, Cozy

gmail settings display density

If you have lot of emails in your inbox then you can adjust the “Display density” to make the messages more readable.

2. Hide unwanted options on the left sidebar such as: Labels, Circles, Categories & Chat

hide gmail labels circles and categories

It’s possible to hide most of the unwanted options on the left sidebar in Gmail? You can hide labels that you do not use and can hide other options like Categories, Circles, or even the Chat option so that your sidebar appears clean.

You can either click the "Show" or "Hide" option next to each label or can go to Settings > Labels to review all your labels, categories, and circles and hide them one by one. And, you can go to Settings > Chat and choose the radio button "Chat off" to turn off chat in Gmail.

3. Using Gmail Priority Inbox to better manage emails

gmail priority inbox

Now your inbox is split up into multiple categories, so you see the important stuff right up top, out of the way of the junk. 

With Priority Inbox turned on, Gmail will only notify you when you have an important message. If you keep Gmail open in a tab, that unread count only goes up if you get an important email, so you aren't constantly tempted by an overflowing inbox.

4. Preview Pane

gmail preview pane

If you love Outlook then you will love the “Preview Pane” labs feature. When you enable it, you can read all your messages in a new preview pane so that you don’t have to open each message to read its content.

It’s more effective when you have a large screen as otherwise it will reduce the available reading space.

Go to Settings > Labs and enable "Preview Pane". You will see a new button in Gmail to change the layout of your inbox. It allows you to split the inbox horizontally or vertically.

5. Personal Level Indicators

gmail personal level indicators

Want to identify messages that are sent only to you? It’s possible with "Personal level indicators". Go to Settings > General  and you can check "Show indicators" by scrolling down to "Personal level indicators" section.

Gmail will then display an arrow for all messages sent to your email address (except newsletters). And it will show a double arrow if you are the only recipient of the message.

6. Mark As Read Button

gmail mark as read

If you are tired of clicking the “Mark as read/unread” action from the “More” menu then you will love this. Go to Settings > Labs and enable “Mark as Read Button”.

You will see a new “Mark as read” button in your inbox and now you can mark your messages as read in one-click.

7. Quick Links

gmail quick links widget

Quick Links adds a new widget in your inbox that gives one-click access to any Gmail URL. Go to Settings > Labs and enable "Quick Links".

It adds a new box to the left sidebar and you can add any bookmarkable URL in Gmail as a "Quick Link". For instance, you can add a specific message, or an advanced search result, or a label.

8. Google Calendar Gadget

Want to access Google Calendar right inside your Gmail inbox? Go to Settings > Labs and enable "Google Calendar Gadget". It will create a new widget in your inbox (see above screenshot) that shows the upcoming events, birthdays, holidays, etc. from your Google Calendar.

9. Auto-advance

gmail auto advance

"Auto-advance" is a labs feature that automatically shows the next conversation (instead of going back to inbox) when you archive, delete, or mute a conversation.

Go to Settings > Labs and enable "Auto-advance". You can then define the action by going to Settings > General where you will see a new option called "Auto-advance".

10. Desktop Notifications

If your Gmail inbox tab is always open then you might like “Desktop Notifications”. You can go to Settings > General and scroll down to “Desktop Notifications” section to turn it on.

When you enable it, you will receive a notification when there is a new message but note that Gmail must open in your browser for the desktop notifications to appear.

11. Gmail HTML Version

gmail html version

If your internet connectivity is poor or when Gmail is down you should be able to access the Gmail HTML version. You can go to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/h/ to access the HTML version of Gmail.

12. Dots In Your Email Address Doesn’t Matter

Let’s say my registered Gmail address is [email protected].

Since Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they will all go to your inbox, and only yours.

In other words:

[email protected] = [email protected]

[email protected] = [email protected]

[email protected] = [email protected]

It’s all the same!

As you can see all the above addresses belong to the same person. You can even login to your account using any of those addresses.

That’s not all!

[email protected] = [email protected]

[email protected] = [email protected]